That One Time the Jeepneys Came Alive and Destroyed the Philippines

Ten years ago: the jeepocalypse.

That day, the vehicles of the Philippines combined into the monsters known as jeeplords: mindless, invincible, and angry. Their fury leveled the nation, leaving a wasteland of poverty and famine.

Noli—a motorcycle driver for hire—has spent the last ten years running for his life. The jeeplords have a special grudge for him, and to stay anywhere for long is suicide. However, he will soon discover that not only can he survive the jeeplords, but he may hold the key to ending their reign.

That One Time the Jeepneys Came Alive and Destroyed the Philippines is a dreadfully serious post-apocalyptic novella—devoid of any humor—about what happens when public transportation comes alive in a bloodthirsty rage and won’t take “no parking” for an answer.

You can read a preview of chapter 1 right here.

The reviews are in…this book rocks!

This story has it all. You examine yourself and your relationship to others around you more closely after reading. It also had me laughing at the situation of public transport rebelling.” – Katherine, Amazon review

If you’ve ever visited or lived in the Philippines, the story will have even more resonance, but even if you’ve never been, you can get a sweet, gentle introduction to the flavor of the place. But it’s much, much more than that. It’s laugh-out-loud funny. NGO Joe from Plumbers Without Borders, in-country to ensure everyone has clean water and a flushable toilet? I ROFLed. And it is a serious story: it’s a fine and subtle meditation on redemption and love.” – Susan Kelly, Amazon review

I can honestly say that I have never considered the human condition so thoughtfully through the lens of world devastating animated public transportation.” – Josh Tang, Amazon review

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