The Rift is out!

rift_cover_smallThe Rift is out! And through Wednesday the 27th, you can get an ebook copy for FREE on Amazon:

So far, it’s been really fun running this promo. I’ve managed to get up to #6 in the “Free Two-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads” category. Note to self: Amazon has a bajillion categories.


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10 Advanced Writing Lessons From The Hunger Games

The book with enough teen drama to kill a horse.What made The Hunger Games such a huge success?

I mean, in the US alone, book one sold 28 million copies. The trilogy got four movies. It’s one of the defining pieces of YA literature.

But what makes the writing so good, so strong?

A few months ago, I sat down to dissect the book like a biology specimen and learn to write better. Here are ten awesome lessons I learned in the process.

And yes, there will be spoilers.

Continuous narrative Makes for unbeatable pacing

The whole book is almost one continuous narrative. Often five or ten chapters will lead into one another without a break in time. Even sleep doesn’t create a scene break. Katniss generally has nightmares or something and wakes up in the same chapter.

This sticks you smack dab in the middle of Katniss’ head. And you don’t get a break. And so you can’t put the book down. The chapters aren’t long, but really, the book is composed of these super scenes, sometimes 100 pages, with chapter breaks thrown in just for convention.


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The inside scoop on Amazon’s Write On: Like Wattpad, but better.

writeon_homepageAmazon just released Write On. But what is it, anyways?

Well, I’ve been in the alpha since the beginning. Read on (haha, sorry) for some screen shots, great points, and problems with the platform.

Basically, Write On is an Amazon-branded Wattpad: a social network for writers to post stories and readers to read them, all for free. Even the logos are… suspiciously similar. Though, I suppose that if your company uses the Amazon orange, you may eventually find an Amazon product with your favicon.

writeon_wattpad (more…)

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Katie Discovers how choosing forgiveness is not like choosing ice cream

I'm cute, and I'm angry. So what?Prefer this as an eBook? Click to download:


Kindle Format


Katie walked along the wooden planks of a boardwalk across the cliffs of Cambria as sun beamed down on them and waves exploded over the rocks below. Bushes, shrubs, and playful scrub jays lay on the side opposite the cliffs. She loved her hometown: small, safe, and with a view of the rugged cliffs of California. Her friend Laura walked beside her.

“You and Matt doing good?” Laura asked.

Katie’s heart raced at the thought of him. “Better than good.”

“What about college?”

A gust of wind blew Katie’s blonde hair behind her. “Well, San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz aren’t that far. We’ll survive.”

Two forms sat on a bench further down the boardwalk. Well, a guy sat on the bench. The girl sat on top of him; they were connected at the lips.

“Ugh, a little heavy on the PDA, don’t you think?” Laura said.

Katie shrugged. “I’ve done worse.”

As they got closer, she thought it funny how the guy looked a little like Matt.

She stopped just a few footsteps from the bench.

“Matt?” she said uneasily.

The guy pulled out for air and stared back at Katie. Lipstick covered his face.

“Uh… hey, Katie,” he said.

The girl on his lap turned. It was Suzie, Suzie the freshman! They stared at each other for a moment in stunned silence.

Something inside Katie exploded like an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. She felt like her stomach was about to burst out of her skin.

“What are you doing?” Katie shouted.

“Uh, this isn’t quite, uh…” Matt stuttered.

She felt the black smoke of burning oil rolling out of her ears.

“You traitor!” she shouted.

She knocked the stunned freshman off his lap and went for after Matt’s face with her fingernails.

Matt threw up an arm to save his eyeballs. He fell backwards off the side of the bench and into the dirt.

“What happened to ‘I love you’?” Katie screeched.

Arms held her from behind, someone’s arms… Laura, it had to be Laura, keeping her from second degree murder.

Matt stood up and brushed off some of the dirt. He stared at Katie and shouted. “You’re boring, that’s what happened.”

He grabbed Suzie by the hand. “Come on, let’s find another bench,” he said. They stomped down the boardwalk.

Suzie turned back with an arrogant smile, stared at Lizze, and blew a kiss. (more…)

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