Announcing The Rift #3: The Knights!

The Knights, book 3 in The Rift series, is complete. Now with 66% more awesome.

The Knights that don't say Ni.

You can order it right now at…

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The price is $2.99.

Here’s the brief rundown:

With enemies from Ruach arriving in a few weeks, the Knights of SLO begin intense training with their soul armors. In a whirlpool of training, school, and shifting foster situations, Gloria struggles with the aftermath of her own mistakes. She has failed the others, but no one talks about it. Getting along with her team sometimes seems harder than winning this war.

Meanwhile, Vero feels like her relationship with Pieter is drifting into dangerous waters, and she desperately wants to keep it from becoming the next casualty in Ruach’s war. And yet, in their battle-filled lives, do they have room for things like dates, free time, and South Obispo High’s approaching homecoming?

  • Want to know more about Gloria’s past?
  • Care to hear about how soul armors work?
  • Interested in what happens between Vero and Pieter?
  • And of course, you ready to have it all wrapped up in a jumping, slashing, blazing battle at the end?

Then click one of these links and have a blast!

Amazon | Nook | iBooks | Kobo

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Getting close on The Knights

So very close to finishing book #3 (The Knights). Just working on some little phrasing issues. My favorite of at the moment:

“Getting Pieter to realize when something was important was like trying to get a deaf elephant to stop chewing on your flower garden.”

Expected release? Mid-October. Whew, this one has been a beast.

But it’s turned out far better than I anticipated.

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Fantasy Map

I’m really excited to share this one with you.

What’s a fantasy novel without a map, knowwhatimsaying?

Weeeell, recently, I had a map designed of San Luis Obispo. It’ll appear in future editions of the book.

Please share this, especially if you live in the SLO area. I think locals will get a kick out of this.San Luis Obispo, California: as appearing in The Rift. No, the legendary Laguna Lake Monster will not be appearing in the series.

If you haven’t started the series yet, you can download the first one for free right here!

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Fun quotes from book 3

Book 3 has some fun Neil moments. I’m working on the edit process and have come across some colorful ones in the last couple days.

These aren’t major spoilers, just a couple fun lines. Still, you’ve been warned.



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