TJAB: To Japan and Back. Or maybe...Things Just Annoying Bob. Or maybe... Tibet Joyously Attacking Bhutan. I think I'll stick with To Japan and Back.I served as a missionary to Japan from spring 2008 to fall 2009. During that time, I encountered depression, loneliness, and a questioning of what in the world I was doing. I also had some really funny happenings, experienced a lot about Japanese culture, and learned some big life lessons.

And I just published a book telling the story of all this. It’s called¬†To Japan and Back, and you can check it out here:

Please take a glance at it. It’s quite an entertaining read, and it’s also quite an encouraging read, especially if you’re going through a rough season in your life.

Because honestly, when things are tough, I don’t need a story telling all of someone’s glorious accomplishments. I need a story of someone walking with me through a tough time.

If you want, check out some sample chapters here:

Check it out on Amazon. Thanks and bye.