SLO Map Contest




Stuff to label

I need labels. They come in three categories: Areas, points of interest, and roads.

One challenging part of this project will be to label everything on the map without making the map confusing.

You can do this with a key/legend, or if you can get the text to fit, like the Lord of The Rings map.

Or mix. For example, “Areas” and “roads” could be written on the map, with “Points of Interest” in a legend on the side.

The below numbers match the numbers on the jpg. The label is in quotes. After the quotes comes a description of what the thing is.

PLEASE: do not change the text in quotes.

Please get creative!


1 “Bishop’s Peak” – (this is a mountain. Make it look like a mountain. You can change the shape a little, but keep it about this size. Bonus points if the shape looks like the real Bishop’s Peak:
2 “Mount Madonna” – (Another mountain.)
3 “Cal Poly University” – This is a college. Bonus points if you can draw a number of college-looking buildings. The exact shape isn’t important.
4 (Orange Shape): “Downtown SLO” – This could be a series of buildings, or a square, or whatever. Try to keep the exact shape
5 (Black shape): “SLO Airport” – Make it look like an airport, maybe planes or something. If you want, you could just represent this with a point, similar to the “points of interest.”
6 “Laguna Lake.” Feel free to change the shape of the lake. An oval or something will do. Bonus points if you can fit a sea sepent in the lake and have it look good.
7 These big orange boxes are ranges of hills. They should not have a label, but make them look like hills.

Points of Interest (all dots on the map)

8 “Bill and Lisa’s House”
9 “South Obispo High School”
10 “Pieter’s Mom’s House”
11 “Vero’s House”
12 “Pieter’s Dad’s House”
13 “The Rift”
14 “Neil’s House”


15 (Light purple road): “Madonna Rd.”
16-17 (Thick Red Road): This is the most major highway through town. Please make it stick out more than other roads.
Off the south end of the map, indicate (maybe with an arrow or something) “US 101 South to Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, Los Angeles.”
Off the north end of the map, indicate, “US 101 North to Atascadero, Paso Robles, San Francisco”.
18 (Blue road): “Highway 1 (To Cuesta College, Camp Morro Marine Base, Morro Bay)”
19 (Dark purple road): “Los Osos Valley Road (LoVR)”
20 (GreenĀ Road): “Broad Street/Highway 227: Here There Be Beaches”

Thin black roads

The thin black lines are roads. Put them on the map, but don’t give them labels. They’re less important roads.

Open space

Since this is a modern city, the open space consists of a mix of houses, businesses, and so forth. If you check the google map, you can see what the city looks like:

If you want, you can fill this in with houses, grass, whatever. But also feel free to leave the open space simply blank. That may help the map not to appear to cluttered. You’re the designers. Go for it!


Make sure to have a compass with at least North. The fancier the better.

Example compass (please do not just copy/paste this):


The title for map should be across the top or bottom. Please title the map: “San Luis Obispo (SLO)”

To get an idea for the typography I use in the book, please see Amazon. Go to this link then click the picture of the book cover, where it says, “Peek Inside.” This will show you the inside of the first book.