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Writin' the old fashioned wayWriting Services

You can hire me for articles, blog posts, and ghost writing, both fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, I’ve written a number of fantasy novels and short stories.

I have technical writing experience from working as a software engineer for Amazon. As an example, see my description of Amazon’s Writeon platform.

I’ve also written a fair amount of Christian devotions.

Email me at jt@jtstoll.com with any proposed projects.

Editing Services

Need help taking your book to the next level? I offer editing services for that. Each service comes with an “aftercare call” to discuss the results of the edit and the next steps forward.

Developmental Edit

Description: If you want feedback on your book as a whole—not grammar but plot—it’s time for a developmental edit (also called a substantive or content edit). In this high-level edit, I’ll answer questions like:

  • Are your characters compelling?
  • Does the story make sense?
  • Are there holes in the plot?
  • How’s the pacing?
  • Do you keep up tension?

I’ll make comments at the chapter and whole-book level. I focus on encouraging you as a writer while pushing your skills to the next level.

Aftercare Call: 30 minutes

Price: 1.1 cents per word.

Line Edit

Description: This is a paragraph and sentence-level edit designed to fix things like:

  • Phrasing
  • Dialogue
  • Point of view
  • Showing not telling
  • Using the active voice
  • Writing with a strong voice.

This does not include a full proofread so won’t handle extremely detailed issues like missing commas and using “lay” instead of “lie.”

Price: I can’t give an exact price on a line edit, since manuscripts vary wildly in their refinement. My average price is 1.3 cents per word. I’ll give you a quote after I look over your manuscript.

Aftercare Call: 30 minutes

Intro Edit

Description: This is a combined developmental and line edit on the first 1,500-5,000 words of your manuscript. I highly, highly suggest this if this is your first time hiring me. It allows us to see if we work well together.

Price: 1 cent per word.

Aftercare Call: 15 minutes


For all of my services, I will return your manuscript with changes tracked through Word’s track changes.

Please submit any documents as a Microsoft Word file, double spaced, with 12 point font. Add headings at the top of each page with your name, manuscript title, and email address. If you really want to be my friend, add headings for your chapter/section breaks.

Specific skills

Fantasy is my main genre. I’m a huge fan of Tolkien (if old school) and Mistborn (if new school). I’m also versed in Science Fiction and similar things that are creative and fun.

I’m familiar with the YA market, as it’s the age range I target. I’ve read a lot of popular fantasy/paranormal YA books (Hunger Games trilogy, City of Bones, Vampire Academy, etc.) and asked the question: “Why do these series sell so well?”

I’m great at writing action but not that great at romance.

Some of my best storytelling skills come from video games and anime. No, seriously. Japanese writers know how to tell a story.


For more info on hiring me, please email me at jt@jtstoll.com or fill out the following form: