Fantasy Map

I’m really excited to share this one with you. What’s a fantasy novel without a map, knowwhatimsaying? Weeeell, recently, I had a map designed of San Luis Obispo. It’ll appear in future editions of the book. Please share this, especially if you live in the SLO area. I think locals will get a kick out of this. If you haven’t started the series yet, you can download the first one for free right here! … Continue reading

Fun quotes from book 3

Book 3 has some fun Neil moments. I’m working on the edit process and have come across some colorful ones in the last couple days. These aren’t major spoilers, just a couple fun lines. Still, you’ve been warned.  

Of Book 3 of The Rift

It’s odd, but having recently finished The Silmarillion, I seem to recently title everything Of Whatever. But that is neither here nor there. Book 3 of The Rift series is coming along splendidly. By the by, the title is The Knights. There we go, no more calling it the awkward The Rift Book 3. The Knights. Done. I will say, progress has been much slower than I intended. In part, this is because I’ve been sick…often…since November. Has anyone else noticed that the cold season this winter has been a tad bit severe? Like, 1353-black-death severe? Aside from all this plague business, The Knights has also exploded into even more awesomeness than originally intended. It’ll be about 250 pages. Despite my plans to keep it shorter, I just couldn’t fit that many explosions, soul armor fights, and training montages into 150 pages. Current publication date? Mid-July. Of Other Good Books In other news, if you’re looking for a really good read, might I suggest The Reckoners series by Brandon Sanderson? The third (and I believe final) book in the series came out a couple months ago, and it took an act of extreme self disciple for me not to devour it … Continue reading

Shark Repellent Bat Spray

Book 3 is progressing. ‘Nuff said. In the meantime, I wanted to share a gem with you. A complete gem. My roommate just got an Amazon Bat Fire Stick, and we plugged it into our TV only to find… The 1966 Batman movie. It’s even better than I remember. Here’s the best scene: And yes, the shark does explode at the end. It was stuffed with dynamite by the Joker. … Continue reading