Augustine of Hippo

I’ve been reading the City of God, an epic book if ever there was one, by Saint Augustine. Here’s some thoughts on it from what I read today:

In book 10, section 6, he writes:

This is the sacrifice of Christians: we, being many, are one body in Chrust, And this also is the sacrifice which the Church continually celebrates in the sacrament of the altar, known to the faithful, in which she teaches that she herself is offered in the offering she makes to God.”

This is a fascinating idea to me, that Chrstians celebrate their own sacrifice (Romans 12:1) as they celebrate the sacrifice of Christ when they eat communion. When we eat the bread of communion, not only do we celebrate Christ’s death for our sin, but we celebrate His call to come and bear our own cross. We celebrate the union of justification of faith working itself out in a progressive sanctification: bearing our own cross because Jesus bore His to reconcile us to God.

Here’s two great quotes from Book 10, section 3 (I’m not sure if these section demarkations are particular to the print of the book that I am reading):

“For He is the fountain of all our happiness, He is the end of all our desires.”
“For our good, about which philosophers have so keenly contended, is nothing else than to be united to God.”
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