Increased capacity for Joy

Since coming back from Japan, I’ve found that I have an increased capacity for joy and happiness.

When you go through something really tough and then it ends, it’s easier to be content and happy in simple things. For instance, when you have a sore throat, you just want your throat to get better, and that’s all you can think about. When it’s better, for a time you may actually realize how nice it is just to have a throat that doesn’t hurt. I’m in that stage when it comes to things being back in a stable situation.

I’d say there are a few speicfic things that I rejoice in even more. One is my relationship with God and the time I get to spend with Him every morning. This is a rich season for such. A second is singing to God in English in church. Another would be just being around people, again.

By enduring a season of hardship, I have increased my capacity for happiness.

It is like emerging from a dark tunnel where the light is so small that you cannot see color into a world of green hills and cloudy blue skies.

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