Star Trek

Saw the new Star Trek movie. It didn’t disappoint my thirst for:

a) Non-sense science If we eject the warp cores (a mysterious quasi-science object that can do anything you ever need in a pinch) then the resultant shockwave may be enough to get us out of the black hole, somehow mysteriously without damaging the ship!

b) Rehashed plotlines Oh no, a BMSO (Big Mysterious Space Object) has appeared and is attacking earth!! What shall we do?

c) Scantily clad Starfleet officers – Apparently, they start wearing miniskirts at the academy as a part of the training.

d) A Military completely without discipline or common sense – Let’s put the cadets on the bridge of our new flagship!

e) Vulcans

Regarding the latter, a friend of mine, when I described how Japanese people do not show emotion, said, “So, basically, it’s like living on Vulcan.” Yeah, more-or-less. Except that Japanese people don’t believe in logic, not when it comes to human relationships, at least. But the whole thing where Vulcans don’t show emotion… yeah, that’s basically Japan.

Also noticing how many Roman references are in Star Trek: Romulus (the founder of Rome), Nero (Roman emperor), James Tiberius Kirk… and probably others.

And more imporantly, Remus, as in Remus Lupin, was the brother of Romulus. That has nothing to do with Star Wars though, and everything to do with Harry Potter, which is way better. The books, that is. The movies basically suck in comparison.

Good night, everybody!
Live long and prosper.
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