Returning tomorrow

November 10, 2009
After a long journey, I returned to my homeland to find…
I leave Japan tomorrow. It has been a long, arduous 18 months, and though I intended my first term on the field to be longer, difficulties have been used by the hand of providence to thrust me home sooner. In the states, I hope to refresh myself, reconnect with my supporters, and raise up prayer and laborers and support. And get married, if I can within 5 months. That one seems unlikely at the moment.
But oh, the uncertainty that grips me righ now. I have some vague plans of my stay, but I do not know what awaits me there. I do not know what God has planned for me. I do not know if the odiousness of my own culture shall drive me to insanity or if I shall weep with joy at the pleasure of finding myself once again in familiarity. I do not know if I shall be isolated to extremity or enthralled by the warm embrace of friends. The future is dark, but I am thine, Oh Lord.
I return to the land of my birth which is no longer home.


Returning tomorrow — 2 Comments

  1. Staying in the states till about April next year, then going back to Japan… I’ll be doing language school and working with a church or some missionaries, but not exactly sure where, besides the Tokyo area.

    Let me know if you come to CA.