A Small Echo

Tonight, I feel a sense of adventure and pleasure, a sense of goodness and seeing beyond myself that I have been missing for a while. Sorrow has been my portion this last year, but I know that God is faithful to deliver. At this point, I can’t hope for much more. Today, I met a few neighbors. They were working in their field, and I said hello. We talked for a little, and they were friendly.

In such small things, I must be content. In this term, I am so limited in what I can accomplish, and every day is a drain. Just now, I was looking through Anoran of Wildgrass a little and remembering a story I once wrote, filled with adventure and passion. I haven’t been able to write much fiction since coming here. The sequel to Anoran fizzled out a few months after my arrival. However, I truly hope to pick up my pen again and continue what I started. I want to write more. I want the little flame of adventure I felt tonight to fan into flame again.

Anyways, in the meantime, I’m working on a big essay on Japanese religion that I hope to have up within a week.

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