Swine Flu

This swine flu thing is getting out of control, especially here in Japan.

TOKYO (AP) — The number of confirmed swine flu cases in Japan soared Monday to more than 130 as the government moved to shut down nearly 2,000 schools and companies discouraged unnecessary travel to quell the spread of the disease, officials said.

None of the 135 patients were in serious condition, a health ministry official said.

In Tokyo, Prime Minister Taro Aso called a Cabinet meeting to coordinate the government’s response.
“We must be careful, but with quick treatment patients can recover,” he said. “We must respond calmly and appropriately.”
(GO ASO!!)
And a better quote from another article:

“The first domestic case of the new strain of Type A influenza was confirmed Saturday. The virus is believed to have a low virulence and its symptoms are rarely serious. However, it is still possible that the flu could spread.”

The efforts to prevent the spread of the flu may end up being worse than the potential the flu itself had. Chill out, Japan!
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