Alpha Readers

alphaMy dear alpha readers,

Thank you so much for your interest in The Knights of San Luis! Right now, I have an early draft ready, and I’m sending it out to a select group of readers (YOU) to get feedback on the story.

Don’t know anything about the book? I have more info at my books page.


Here are the steps to completing an alpha read for me.

The important part is that you don’t have to read more than you enjoy. Some of my most valuable alpha readers will only read the first two chapters and give feedback on those. That’s OK. Here’s the process:

  1. Read the prologue. If you get bored, stop reading. However, don’t go silent on me! Tell me that the prologue bored you to tears.
  2. Made it through the prologue? Good! Now, read chapter 1. Again, if you get bored and want to stop, then stop reading and tell me about it. Where did you stop? Why?
  3. Read for as long as the book holds your interest. If you get bored and want to stop… I think you get the picture by now.
  4. Answer the following questions if you make it through a significant portion of the book.


  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What was your least favorite scene?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • Who was your least favorite character?
  • What book or movie does this plot most remind you of (i.e. “It’s like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Animorphs”).
  • What else do you want the author to know?
  • Were there any places where the characters acted really stupid?

 Things not to check for

We’re still on an early draft, so focus on character and plot. Please do not to check for things like:

  • Grammatical; errors
  • Formatting problems.
  • Confusing sentences what do not make sense.
  • Individual lines of “bad dialog.”


  • The Knights of San Luis is about 350 pages (95,000 words).
  • Please read the book within one month.
  • If you don’t finish the book within a month, it’s totally ok! Give me whatever feedback you have; it’s still really valuable.

Thank you!

By being part of this alpha read, you’re providing me incredibly valuable feedback. I can’t express how thankful I am, even if you only get a few chapters in. Friends, thank you, thank you, thank you!

How to join

If, you want to be an alpha reader, please fill out the following form:


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